FLY-RE is an independent online reinsurance marketplace owned and managed by a team of insurance and technology professionals.

We strive to connect market professionals and businesses worldwide by providing a professional ecosystem to communicate and the tools to process daily reinsurance workflows.

We are inspired by the opportunity to build a community to communicate risks freely, with due respect to the best traditions of the industry and requirements of the modern age.

An everyday tool to do business online as never before. A worldwide service to bridge the gap between risks and capacities. An online reinsurance marketplace.



FLY-RE is an online reinsurance marketplace with automated tools and workflows for:
  • direct risks and capacities exchange
  • centralized real-time portfolio management
  • easy global insurance market access for risk owners (end-users)
  • new verified contacts and business partners found on-demand

FLY-RE connects re/insurance professionals and companies of different sizes worldwide, cedents and reinsurers alike. There’s no need for lengthy validations, IT-integration and legal difficulties - just sign up, get verified and you are ready to access the global market.

Using automated forms FLY-RE users can submit risks (publicly or with limited access) and send quotes privately to cedents. It is easy to manage multiple risks and monitor all related activity via the Dashboard. All parties can communicate online and exchange information directly. After selecting the best quotes it’s up to you how to move forward. Negotiation, formalities and other traditional procedures may stay offline, completely under your control.